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A. Material
1. Type: *
2. Surface Conditions:
  Slick    Rough    Sensitive    Critical
3. Size:
Thickest - Width x Thickness *
Thinnest - Width x Thickness *
Widest - Width x Thickness *
Narrowest - Width x Thickness
3. Strength:
Tensile PSI *
Yield PSI *
Shear PSI *

B. Coils
1. Maximum Weight: *
2. Outside Diameter:
Minimum : *
Maximum : *
3. Inside Diameter:
Minimum : *
Maximum : *
3. Loading Equipment Type:
  Crane Lbs.
  Tow Motor Lbs.

C. Press
1. Make:
2. Model:    Tonnage
3. Type: OBI     Straightside     Flywheel     Geared
4. Length of Stroke:  
5. Strokes Per Minute:
Maximum SPM: *
Minimum SPM: * (Give Minimum SPM at which tonnage can be maintained.)

D. Dies
1. Type: * Single Station Progressive  
  Blank Transfer  
  Blank & Draw  
2. If Progressive, Number of stations:
3. If other types, Describe:
4. Are dies equipped with Pilots?   Yes No
5. Degrees of Press cycle available for Feeding:
6. Portion of press cycle Used for Feeding:
7. Does continuous Skeleton Remain?   Yes No
8. Die Line Height Above Bolster?
9. Die Line Height Above Floor?

E. Application
1. Feed Length:
Maximum: *
Minimum: *
2. Linear Output:
  SPM at Inch Length
  Feet Per Minute
3. Accuracy Required For Pilots to Register: (+/-)
4. Accuracy Required Without Pilots: (+/-)
5. Direction of Feeds: *
  L-R    R-L    F-B    B-F (as you face the press)
6. Feed Mounting:
  On Press Right Hand  
  On Cabinet Front  
  Left Hand Rear  
7. If other than Press application, Describe:
8. Looping Pit?   Yes No
  Length Width Deep

F. Equipment Desired
1.     Servo Feed
2.     Straightener
3.     Stock Reel
4.     Coil Loading Car
5.     Coil Cradle
6.     Coil Loading Ramp
7.     Hold Down Peeler
8.     Threading Table
9.     Central Control Console
10.    Straightener Feeder
11.    Cradle Straightener
12.    Cradle Straightener Feeder
13.    Other - Describe

G. Plant Utilities
1. Power Supply: *
  Volts    Phase    Cycle
2. Air Supply:

Other Conditions
Describe other operating conditions or requirements which would be helpful to the proper application of this equipment (i.e., automation level required, budgetary restrictions, etc.)