Precision Replacement Parts for your older ROWE© Equipment

Formtek-Maine keeps over 10,000 parts in stock for next-day delivery where available

ROWE© Machinery & Manufacturing is the original equipment supplier to look to for all your replacement parts needs. We have over 10,000 parts in stock for quick delivery, and have the in-house ability to produce machined parts for even the oldest machines. The Model and Serial Numbers MUST BE supplied in order to properly identify the correct parts for your machine.

Drive and Control Upgrades

Electronics improve faster and faster every year, and a 10 year old ROWE© feeder that is still mechanically sound probably has a feed control that can't produce to today's press room requirements. On top of that, finding replacement parts for those old controls is becoming increasingly more expensive, or unfortunately, impossible in some cases.

That is why we offer drive & control upgrades for many ROWE© servo roll feeds. We can replace your old PLC and PLCII controls with our standard controls, the same ones we put on our newly manufactured machines. For our Indramat users, we can supply Indramat's latest and greatest as well.

Straightener & Reel Upgrades

ROWE© also provides upgrades for many old straighteners and reels as well. We can replace the old Eddy-Current clutch brake systems with new clutch and brake drives or AC modulating drives, and can supply new loop control devices such as our standard ultrasonic non-contact loop control, electric eyes, or even whisker controls.

Self directed or Factory Installed

And for those upgrades that require factory support, we can provide on-site installation or supervision by a member of our highly trained service staff. For more information, please contact the factory for pricing and availability. Please have the Model and Serial Numbers of your machine at hand when you call 1-800-247-2645.