Coil Handling Equipment

ROWE© provides rugged, world-class equipment to the coiled metal processing industry

Rowe© Servo Roll Feed

Servo Roll Feeds

ROWE© pioneered the Servo Roll Feed and has been the leader in Servo Feeding Technology for over 40 years. ROWE©:'S Servo Feeds set the standard!

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Rowe© Precision Coil Straightener

Precision Coil Straighteners

Precision Coil Straighteners are manufactured in 5, 7, 9, 11, and 17 roll models. Optional back-up rolls provide for the ultimate in panel flat material.

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Rowe© Coil Reels are available from 4k to 60k capacity

Coil Reels

Coil Reels are available from 4k to 60k in both pull-off or motorized units. Single or Double End Coil Reels are custom manufactured to your specifications.

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Coil Car by Rowe Machinery and Manufacturing

Turnstiles, Cars, Upenders

Coil Cars, Turnstiles, Coil Upenders, and Upender Buggies are manufactured to safely store and load coils onto your Press Feed Line.

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ROWE Press Feed Lines provide the ultimate in productivity.

Press Feed Lines

Press Feed Lines manufactured by ROWE© are designed for ultimate productivity. Coil Loading, change out, high SPM all engineered in.

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HSLA/AHSS Feed Lines

ROWE© HSLA and AHSS Systems, address challenging coil thread-up and the difficulties associated with flattening springy material.

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Rowe's CTL Lines are some of the most rugged available, putting the durable in durable goods.

Cut-to-Length Lines

Cut-to-Length/Multi-Blanking lines manufactured by ROWE© Machinery efficiently produce panel flat blanks required for secondary operations.

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Compact Coil Lines

Compact Coil Lines from ROWE© are engineered to provide maximum productivity in a space saving footprint.

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Cradle & Cradle Straighteners

Cradles, Cradle-Straighteners and Cradle-Straightener-Feeders can effectively handle the tough jobs effortlessly and safely.

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We Serve Many Diverse Industries

ROWE© can serve all your Coil Handling Needs

These are just a few of the industries that have relied on ROWE© for their Coil Handling and/or Press Room Equipment. Run with ROWE©