Coil Cradles & Cradle Straighteners

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ROWE © started in the coil handling business in 1950 with its very first "Easy Load" coil cradle, the "800 J" Series. Today, we still offer our coil cradles in a variety of coil capacities.

Since coil cradles are not ideal in all applications, especially when processing surface-critical or thin gauge materials, please refer to the following reference chart to determine whether a coil cradle is right for your specific application.

Standard Features

Coil Cradle Reference

    Standard Coil Cradle Features
  • Material capacity to meet almost any application
  • Width capacities from 6" to 72"
  • Coil capacities from 800 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. (Up to 30,000 lbs. w/ combination units)
  • Adjustable "J" - type cradle guide plates
  • Hardened cradle rolls
  • Integral cradle pinch roll assembly ("3000 J" series and up)
  • Counterweighted actuator arm mechanism (On/Off control)
  • 60" O.D. coil capacity (72" Optional)
  • Hand held jog pendant

Optional Features

Coil Cradle By Rowe©

    Optional Coil Cradle Features
  • Roller dolly & lift jack for portability
  • Guide plate rollers
  • Rubber- coated cradle rolls (for surface critical materials)
  • Pivot peeler assembly
  • Confining chute for overhead slack loop generation
  • Storage ramp
  • Coil catcher (for use w/ storage ramp)

ROWE© Cradle — Straightener combination

Coil Cradle Straightener By Rowe©

Uncoiling and straightening operations are combined in an integrally mounted unit with syncronized payout. A variable speed drive powers the cradle and straightening rolls creating a plant floor saving unit. All rolls are hardened, ground and set in anti-friction bearings.



Coil specification/model charts for Coil Cradles


Coil Cradle Size Chart By Rowe© Coil Cradle Model Chart By Rowe©